Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Happy Place

So you know how when something unpleasant is happening they (usually doctors) tell you to go to your happy place.
For most i think it involves someone scantily clad on a pristine beach slowly jogging towards the sunset (or maybe I'm just thinking baywatch, but whatever)
Anyway I'm sure if asked you would have a pretty clear cut vision of something exotic that would be your very own happy place.

My place is not exotic. It is not imaginary. It isn't even far away.
I'm actually in my happy place right now. No it isn't bed. or the beach.
It's a place I can go and be surrounded by the things i love. It's a place where I can be alone or with others if I choose.
It smells good, it is comfortable. It is Barnes and Noble.

It began when I was a young child.
Books a Million just wasn't good enough.
I asked to go to Barnes and Noble as often as possible. And I would sit for HOURS in front of my favorite shelf (usually resulting in my legs falling asleep) and read books until it was time to leave. Even now If i enter through the twin sets of double doors I have a very hard time walking out empty handed. I've headed there after more than just a couple doctor appointments to walk the aisles to get my thoughts together. I can't help it. I'm a nerd. I love books. and I HAVE to own them. not borrow, or check out from a library, I like owning my OWN copies. there are usually more than just a few stacks piled in corners in my room, under the bed, on the table, on the floor, under the windows, in the storage closet on two metal bookcases stacked from floor to ceiling.
And I read almost anything...from trashy romance to classic literature to best sellers to vampire series (not twilight Bella is obnoxious, I prefer Anita Blake and Sookie Stackhouse). I'm currently reading On the Road by Jack Kerouac my favorites have gone from the babysitters club, to nancy drew, to nora roberts, to anything with words written on pages.

The sun also rises
The world according to garp
The heart is a lonely hunter
The Road
Water for Elephants
Pride and Prejudice
The Perks of being a wallflower
She's come undone
The fountainhead
Even cowgirls get the blues
The time traveler's wife
catcher in the rye
the princess bride
body surfing
the memory keepers daughter
widow for one year
the pilot's wife
Their eyes were watching God
to kill a mockingbird
The great gatsby
slaughterhouse five
all the kings men
brideshead revisited
and etc........

actually the list of books i was never able to get into is probably shorter
Heart of Darkness
and anything Faulkner

anyway...you get the point. I like books. and reading.

I'm now using Barnes and Noble as my study place. Or at the moment as my place to Blog.

OK on to recent happenings.

MEGAN and KYLE got married on Saturday. And it was beautiful. Seriously.
The ballroom where the reception was held was breathtaking. And Megan looked beautiful of course. and Kyle was pretty handsome himself. And it was wonderful to see most of my ECU best friends in one place. The fab four (Megan, Hannah, Amy and I) had not been together in quite sometime. And as always we had a pretty freakin awesome good time. I will not bore you with our shananigans except to say that if you let Eric drive make sure he isn't trying to download music at the same time.

Also my mom wanted me to add some info about the fundraiser Sunday night at Reel Cafe for me and Victoria (who has non-hodgkins lymphoma) there's a band (soulbeam i believe) and proceeds are going to be split between us. I think it starts at 6 or 7 and I WILL be in attendance and it ends at 10. And it should be a good time...I think there is also an article about it in This weeks Encore.
The Lovely Kathy Jordan is putting this fundraiser together and is pretty awesome. So hopefully I'll see you out there.

Also very quickly mary adelaide and I had a Brothers and Sisters marathon on sunday and I am getting kinda annoyed with how tv show keep giving their characters cancer. (another example grey's anatomy) sigh. It's just a pain to see how all these characters are portrayed as being pretty close to death. or they die and then come back to life. Can't they just be happy cancer patients? is that an oxymoron? I don't think so.