Monday, June 8, 2009

a collegiate feel

So as many of you know i am currently back at school. Yep. school, college, university, classes I'm there. actually i am sitting in the library after taking a midterm killing time before my next class at 1145. and Yes i did go to my news beat and try to do some interviewing but i was passed off from person to person until i finally just gave them my phone number and begged for someone to call me this afternoon. which sucks. i am not cut out for reporting. i am not enough of a go-getter, i do not enjoy badgering people. I have no deep need to know everything about everything. But i certainly respect the job.

Ok so i know it has been awhile since i updated...hannah and several others have called and texted and pestered until finally here i am.

So since i last left you guys at least a month ago i will give you a brief quick reader's digest version of life since then.

I reapplied to get into school. I got in. I quit WECT. I stressed about money. We had Kim Day at PTs. (more on that later) I came to school. I started classes. I stressed about assignments. I took two tests. and here we are.

So for those of you who do not watch my tv station you missed out on the media circus that surrounded Kim Day at work. I am no longer the anonymous cancer patient i was content to remain. However, thanks to max and steve and everyone else who participated in turning me into a graphic and a news story for every broadcast, we had the busiest day ever at PTs.
Joe Pate was going to give me ten percent of the profits. (which is incredibly generous in these tough economic times) and wow did people come out and eat. which is extremely humbling. and overwhelming and embarrassing. but mostly humbling. I've got a pretty stellar support system. probably the most amazing group of people around me ever. on the planet. of all time. So i'll just say the day was a huge success for myself and Joe.

So 5 days afterwards i was walking around on campus. With books. and pens and pencils. Sitting in class and taking notes. After two years it feels strangely like there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I feel like i'm accomplishing something. Doing something that is monumentous. I still have nervous stressed out moments. I took a midterm this morning. I turned in an article last thursday. I'm having to put myself out there and interview strangers to write articles. Things i really never saw myself doing. Or thought i didn't care about doing. But I'm thinking that i've grown up a bit in the past two years. Or more specifically the past year. Carpe Diem. or whatnot. i'm seizing the day. I'm living life to the fullest. I want to do so much but at the same time nothing at all. No worries.

Thursday Stacy Hannah and I are going to Tennessee for Bonnaroo. She sent me a picture text saturday to show me that the tickets came in the mail.

Ok, on to the real reason you guys check this thing daily. A cancer update.
Yes i still have it...haha just kidding. well not kidding because i do still have cancer. you know what i mean.
At my last appointment i told Dr. K about how i wanted surgery. So he gave me the thumbs up and next friday i have an appointment with Dr. L about setting things up.
Had a CT scan done a few weeks ago that came back showing the tumor has shrunk by over half. and i'll probably start the drug trial with UNC sometime soon...basically they'll just double the dosage of my tamoxifen.
OH and i realized the other day i've been spelling Zomeda wrong for months...Its Zometa. or maybe the other way around....whichever way i've been spelling it the other one is the correct way.
So cancer stuff is good. School stuff is good. I still get to see my PTs people on weekends. And Stacy Hannah and I are going to hear a gillion awesome bands play for 4 days on a farm.
We'll find out if i like camping....