Friday, October 31, 2008

i LOVE vacations! Let's Go on Another One.

Ok so my one and only post from D.C. left off with me heading to bed on monday. So I shall start with Tuesday morning. I arose with quite a purpose...i was going to the smithsonian and i was going to pack in as much of it as possible. I got off the metro and walked to the far side of the national my left was the Washington Monument and to my right was the capitol building and the couple of museums i wanted to go i Took a Right...immediately i was taking the middle of the sidewalk...stopping the flow of traffic just because i wanted a picture of a tree or something. I hit up the museum of Art (including the modern art building), chatted up every old security guard, did a few laps, hit the highlights, then continued on my trek towards the Capitol Building.

Once standing in front of it, i took some photos, turned 180 degrees to what was behind me and saw the most incredible view of is incredible what Man can create when they put forth the effort. it was breathtaking. and made me feel very small and almost obsolete.

So i took a Right (again) and walked back up the other side of the National Mall...More photo ops, another museum (Air and Space) then kept walking up past the washington monument to what lay beyond (a big field. with lots of grass) but its ok. i was totally jamming to my ipod the whole time. The most awkward was jamming to weezer's pinkerton album while snapping intense photos of the WWII memorial. Time for some reverence. So i got rid of the tunes until the walk to meet alli. That night we took a moonlight monument tour. So freaking awesome!!!!!!!! it was so COLD (brisk winds my friends), Alli was in a dress, and I thought i was dying from walking so much in one day, so we kind of cheated and spent more time on the trolley than perusing the memorials. however we did go take a peek at lincoln in his nighttime glory (breathtaking). We went home and immediately fell asleep.

Wednesday i took a breather, i knew we were going out that night so i decided to just hang around the house all day (it was a good me). We went out that night. Had some drinks at some bar near Dupont Circle. Shananigans insued.

Thursday i wasn't feeling well (see above paragraph) so i had another chill day until it was time to meet Jud (a friend from High School) in the city for dinner. I had the best smore on the planet. i am forever ruined for campfires. (again, Thanks Jud!)

Friday i woke up early so i could head to the Iwo Jima memorial...which was outstanding...i can't describe it to was by far my favorite memorial...took a TON of pictures while simultaneously angering the film crew that was also there trying to get footage...oh well :)

Alli and I had lunch at some italian place that was delicious then headed to the Holocaust Museum...terrifyingly real and surreal at the same time. so many shoes! i can't get past the number of shoes taken from innocent people...

That night Sarah P and Heather came down for the night, Had breakfast the next morning, napped all day because of the rainy was so good to see them! (but i'll see them again in a week...YAY homecoming!)

Saturday Night i went with the girls to their Kickball league party. Ridiculous. Completely Ridiculous. those are the only words i have. That and beer.

Almost missed my flight sunday due to some last minute circumstances. Flew back and Spent the afternoon (and night) with BFF mary adelaide! YAY!

Had to be at work monday afternoon (BOO) terrible i know. so that was the end of my vacation...i returned to work to find things exactly the same. but it was wonderful to be back at PTs on tuesday!

No, i have no halloween plans. I am working ALL day sat and sun. then the coutdown begins for Homecoming Weekend! i am so ecstatic! all of my ECU/AKPsi bffs all in one place!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoo....its going to be a great weekend!

Also, i just wanted to let you guys know that my tumor has already started shrinking according to my lap work...which is terrific news! so keep praying and other such positive things because its totally working!

Monday, October 27, 2008

hello my name is slacker

sorry dudes that i have not updated since i have returned to the state of north carolina...i will be doing so in the near future. i promise.

but i did want to let all of you know that my tumor has already started to shrink (crazy awesome...i know) even though its only been 4 weeks on my meds

SO KEEP PRAYING! (bc it works)

as soon as i've got some free time from work i'll fill you guys in on my misadventures abroad :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

a perspective plane ride

Have you ever seen the movie Love Actually where it talks about airports being a great place to people watch, especially for people who love one another? and not just "in" love but all types of love.

Sunday i made it to my gate (20) at 10:30 with no problems, but since my flight did not board until after 11:30 that left me with plenty of people watching time over the top of my book (The Thorn Birds...which is pretty good by the way) now at 10:30 in the morning on a sunday there is not much going on at an airport, especially RDU. The most crowded gate was the one across from me that was heading to Toronto. which is in Canada! it was kind of cool to see what sort of people would want to take a trip to Canada. but they mostly looked like normal people. not that i was expecting that they had physical qualities that screamed i'm Canadian, or broadcast that they liked to visit Canadians.
(ok i digress)

mostly i watched the mom walking her baby around. holding her hands in the air helping her take step after step. picking her up when she got wobbling. swinging her in the air to make her laugh. and i decided that moms do that all of their lives. or at least mine has. yeah, eventually they let go. and you have to take steps without them holding you up, but they're always there just in time to help you when you need it the most. (like when you get cancer)
and then i broadened my internal thoughts (i had a lot of spare time remember) and thought about how that's basically what God does too. When i'm wobbly, he's there. When i am full of good news he's the reason why. I'm lucky to have a God that is so full of personality. He places incidences like a small vacation to visit some friends in my path for reasons.

When the plane took off within a matter of mintues i was looking at nothing but green. Trees, grass, other types of foliage...and thinking that God made ALL of that! and then we started passing over houses, farms, neighborhoods and i got to thinking about all of the people we were simply skimming over...i will never know them...but for some reason all i could think about was how many people down there have what i have? How many women living in the state of Virginia have Breast Cancer? and i'm betting that a few of them do. and i'm betting they're going through what i'm going through. which is sad. and depressing.
but then the plane passed over a large body of water that was so clear i could see the sand beneath the tiny lapping waves and there were several boats out enjoying what was surely a beautiful day. Out enjoying what God has given them.
then i wasn't nearly as depressed
(bc honestly the depressed part of the trip lasted about 5 seconds)
oh and yes i spent most of my plane ride with my nose pressed against the glass trying to see as much as i possibly could.

and that plane ride put somethings in perspective for me.

So walk towards baggage, call Alli bottoms who was also dropping off her man friend at the airport trying to find her location...turns out she was on the other side of the wall...
we hug. do the girl high pitched shrill at seeing a long lost friend. then proceed to drive to Falls Church...we stop for some lunch and to pick up some shampoo and stuff then take the rest of the night to be lazy bums on couches...(watch the movie Whatever Happens in funny)

Monday Morning i got up and Kristen and I walked to the metro station (which is very close to their house) rode it to Judiciary Square then walked to the Newseum where Sarah works (both of these girls are Alli's roomates) and then we took the bus to chinatown for lunch at Ruby Tuesday (alli met us) Then Kristen and I went back to the Newseum to get our tour...That place was had everything i'm interested in packed into 7 convienent floors. The veiws fromt the top (especially of the capital building were AMAZING). Ryan (the guy showing us around) clearly loves his job bc he went above and beyond telling us about the stuff we were seeing...the best part was when he took us behind the scenes to where the control rooms were...BUTTONS ABOUND! i wanted to press every button on every switcher! it was heavenly.
ok i lied my favorite part was the pulitzer prize winning photographs. That exhibit was amazing.

Then i got lost trying to find the metro station (on my own) called alli and discovered i was on the opposite side of the building...took it to Farragut North to meet Alli and then the two of us went to Georgetown for Shopping and dinner...holy cow the number of stores...and i'm trying to decide if my mom would kill me if i bought a coach bag (i may see if we can go half on it and make it a sort of christmas present) regardless it was gorgeous. then dinner and ice cream and then back to the house where everyone went to bed.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane

so here it is...Sunday of my departure...and i dont think i can keep all of my excitement to myself! so i thought i'd let a little bit of it trickle down to you bloggie stalkers so that you may share in my delight at leaving the wonderful state of north carolina and venturing off into the great unknown (or relatively me anyway) that is Washington D.C. 

now if you did NOT know that i was going to dc you must have been living under a rock or in a very dark cave because i have talked about it non-stop...before i even had plane tickets i've been talking about it. i love vacations. probably because between two jobs i very rarely get either unless it is for a quick weekend away (probably to Raleigh or Greenville) that involves a specific event taking place that requires my beautiful presence.

well not this time! i am going somewhere just for the heck of it. and it is a TOTAL added bonus that it just so happens to include a few of my BFFs! Plane leaves at Noon! Get Excited!

ok now to the real reason you are probably reading this...a cancer update.

my appointment was on Thursday as most of you know. Had to have some labs drawn first thing aftere i freaking sit down in the chair. slight bruising. slight pain. whatever i'm actually getting used to being a pin cushion. So we see Dr. K and his new resident (rather cute if you ask me) he asks me a few questions and is pleased to hear that my side effects have not been that severe and that i'm tolerating Tamoxifen rather well. He then tells me that i will be the glad recipient of a flu shot this season...(immediately i send him a frown of hatred) and even better i will be receiving it right there this very day in his office. (whoo hoo barf) so nurse comes in and sticks me in my arm. (it hurt.) (and it still hurt the next day). THEN dr. K wants to do a quick physical and asks if its ok the resident watches...basically what is one more person? i really should start asking for dinner or at least drinks beforehand. maybe it would make it less awkward? nahhhh it would still be wierd. 

then we discuss me getting a bone strengthener called Zomeda. apparently after the first time you get it it makes you super sick. so i asked to put it off until next visit since i had to work Friday and was traveling this weekend. a fever and chills do not make for nice traveling companions. too much fiddling with the a.c. and such.

also mom brought along my nurse satan doll that my cousin Christy made for me. everyone in the place thought it was hilarious. but not as hilarious as when my Doctor asked if i was taking my pill everyday and i feigned a surprised expression and nearly sent my mom into a tizzy. resident thought i was funny though. no surprise there. this whole ordeal has definately sharpened my wit. not to say i wasn't funny before. or maybe i'm not as funny but everyone laughs when i make a joke because i have cancer. nahhhhh i really am this funny.

Got another haircut. I now have bangs.

So me and my awesome bangs are heading out in a few hours and in four hours i will be hugging the heck out of alli bottoms at the airport. whoo hoo! DC here i come!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Do Not Wear Thongs

So Thursday Morning i headed over to Dr. K's office (was there promptly at 8 like Marie requested) to pick up a form i needed to get my x-rays done at Delaney. Not knowing how long this would take i decided to dress comfy especially since i was going to head straight to pts afterwards. to me comfy means my yoga pants. so i'm taking back into the x-ray room and the guy (maybe a couple of years older than me) hands me a gown. and says...

"opening to the back"

i think "ut oh"

because being the fashion forward person that i am, i detest VPL. (visible panty line...look it up its a real thing!) and my yoga pants are tight. so on this particular morning i was wearing a thong. Any other day i would not have been bothered but really...this guy is my age and that is just AWKWARD!

so i tie up the gown EXTRA tight and tell myself that the x-rays will only take a few minutes and i'll be on my back for the whole time so no big deal...

i was wrong. the first time he asked me to lay on my side my butt was facing away from him. and approximately 2 seconds later i start to fear that the draft i'm feeling is not my imagination...but thankfully my butt wasn't in his face.

until 2 minutes later when he wants me to lay on the other side! now. do i just do it and hope for the best? do i keep a firm grip on the gown regardless? what?!?

i decide not to take any chances and keep a firm hand on the opening holding it shut...he helpfully adds "hey you're covered"

and i want to say "um hey i'm in a thong. no i am not."

that is the last time i wear a thong when there is a chance of gown-age.

Then i went to work a couple hours early, picked up breakfast with Joey I, worked, had Sushi with Chrissy, Stacy Hannah, and Sam then went out for a beer with SH to discuss our lives since we had been separated (for DAYS!) Friday i worked. Friday Night SH came over and i continued with my big cleaning/cleansing project. Found pictures from High School (i have more than a few flattering ones of one particular Jessica), was able to piece together the beginnings of my friendship with Chrissy and Mary Adelaide, relieved a few hungover mornings at Hannah's apt in Pirate's Cove freshmen year, ohhhhh the good old days.

speaking of hannah and her apartment.

Hannah, Eric, Amy, Mark and Steven drove down saturday around lunch to see me!
(yes i know, it was rainy and windy and not at all the day i had planned :( oh well)

I miss them already!! pancakes were delicious Amy!

at this time next week i will be in D.C. with Alli Bottoms!!!!!!!!!!!! excitement is mounting!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

to answer Chrissy's Question

i will be in D.C. for 8 days. i will be out of town 9 or 10. i know. life will be hard without me!

today i went to barnes and noble and spent 70 dollars. i need to get out more often.

so my right upper leg region has been bothering me a bit lately...i offhandedly mentioned it to mom...or maybe it was dad...whichever parent it was...insisted that i call nurse M. who mans Dr. K's desk (and is incredibly awesome and powerful! she can book appointments under impossibe time constraints) so i did...and she went and talked to Dr. K who wants me to go have an x-ray in the morning...whoo hoo.

also stacy hannah is back in town officially! more whoo hooing.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bloggie stalkers

i have just now coined a new term for those of you who call, text, or facebook message me asking for me to update my blog.

i would have updated more recently but honestly not a darn thing has been happening.

i get up at 7 with Saylor, go to work at 11, go to job numero dos at 330 then sleep. i am lame.

oh and at 730 pm i take my pill. YAY.

since we last spoke a few minor things of extreme importance have happened.

Stacy Hannah has officially relocated (however she is coming back to wilm to visit tomorrow YAY no seriously double YAY!)

Christine has taken the LSAT and kicked its butt.

Hannah, Amy, their boys and Steven are coming to visit this weekend!!!!!! i am so excited i haven't seen them since Hannah's wedding (minus hannah, i saw her immediately after my diagnosis bc she is so freaking awesome) ...two full days of them! now if only i knew how to entertain them, apparently steven wants to kayak surf...hmmm.

As days pass i am getting more and more excited about my D.C. trip. i even spent sunday evening in my edit bay watching Dane Cook's a vicious circle to brush up in preparation of being in Alli Bottoms presence (its DC!!) haha what a pun.
anyway and i discovered that Stacy Hannah should also be in the area along with Joey I at the same time i am! that makes me incredibly happy!

i've been staying pretty upbeat for those that are wondering about my mental state.
(had a rough day yesterday...but i took a nap and was much better)
as i was telling someone at the tv station today its been nice being on this pill so i can maintain my sense of normality. (or possibly keep myself in denial longer...whatever you want to call it) i'm taking whatever keeps me feeling the most positive and running with it.

this past weekend to celebrate Chrissy's release from studying we went downtown with Drew and Jamie and some of their friends from raleigh whom i did not know...can i tell you how awesome it was to be out with people who had no idea that i had cancer. bc i dont know if you have noticed but october is Breast Cancer Awareness month...and it seems like everyday there is something somewhere about breast cancer. today it was on the news...yesterday it was on the news...the story yesterday opened with the line that "breast cancer is no laughing matter" whoops i did NOT get that memo...that was not part of what Dr. K told me...silly me laughing my way through this entire ordeal....(ok, to be honest i have had a few hellacious days where i was crying or biting people's (i.e. nurses) heads off) and that is quite the opposite of laughing. i'll give them that. but regardless i have even discovered that when i'm telling someone i kind of laugh. i dont know if it's out of nerves (bc who likes bearing bad news?) or to lighten the mood of the moment (bc again, bad news is a DOWNER) but i do...i almost giggle, probably to keep the other person from bursting into tears and leaving ME to handle the incredibly awkward moment.

because even before cancer i did not do well with bad news. giving it or receiving it. i supposed when it comes to that sort of thing i am a pretty private person. i try not to do a lot of crying in front of other people. its not good for my reputation. (unless apparently its over a haircut...)

for someone with nothing to say i've certainly made this blog last a while.

oh and ps keep sending cards! i'm beating everyone else in the mail department and i'd like to keep it that way :) thanks for everything!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm going on a picnic and bringing apples

do you remember that game...where each player adds something to the list that starts with the next letter of the alphabet...but the catch is that on your turn before you add something you have to recite the whole list...which by the end of the game can be pretty difficult.

(we played this game once on the way back from Duke for a AKPsi mixer)

anyway...the point is...i am not going on a picnic but i AM going to washington d.c.

and i'm going to bring a lot of things. i dont pack lightly (too many shoes).

but i'm more concerned about what i'm going to do when i get there...

so let the suggestions begin. i am open. and i am touristy!

so. stacy hannah's going away shindig was sad (for me).

also. i would like to take a moment to say some words of encouragement to my best friend Chrissy... you are going to kick some LSAT butt. and then you are going to get into Carolina's law program and become a rich attorney. and i will be your housesitter for your beach house. i love you.

ok done.

tonight there was a beautiful sunset by the way...hope you guys saw it.