Wednesday, October 8, 2008

to answer Chrissy's Question

i will be in D.C. for 8 days. i will be out of town 9 or 10. i know. life will be hard without me!

today i went to barnes and noble and spent 70 dollars. i need to get out more often.

so my right upper leg region has been bothering me a bit lately...i offhandedly mentioned it to mom...or maybe it was dad...whichever parent it was...insisted that i call nurse M. who mans Dr. K's desk (and is incredibly awesome and powerful! she can book appointments under impossibe time constraints) so i did...and she went and talked to Dr. K who wants me to go have an x-ray in the morning...whoo hoo.

also stacy hannah is back in town officially! more whoo hooing.


Hannah Banana said...


CANNOT WAIT. It was so good to hear your voice yesterday...(you know, not the usual text message!).

Mary Adelaide said...

You didn't mention that you were going to see me on the way to/fro your DC trip! Where's the love?

Alli Bottoms said...

8 days of you for MEEEEEEEEEEE! and we won't have the PT's counter between us. i'm lucky.

J.Lee Photography said...

I love DC b/c it means you're coming to stay with me, if only to get a ride to the airport! Ha! See you in one week!