Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Cookie of Doom and The Great Boot Debacle

Monday September 14th a day that came after one of the most terrible experiences of my life.
Let me start at the beginning...

I only have class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Which is super awesome. I have 4 day weekends, I'm out of school more than I'm in it. This means it's completely worth the two hour drive to either go home or head to Chapel Hill to visit Chrissy (other BFFs also come as an added bonus) However, i'm a PT's-aholic and absolutely Must work.
So September 10th I worked my first shift at PT's Chapel Hill. It's a completely different restaurant (and fully stocked - open until 2 am bar) Lots of cool people work there.
My other shift was Saturday Night. This doesn't sound like a big deal until you realize i worked until 11 thursday night, went out with the Deaver sisters Fri and was out way too late, then i worked saturday night, made the mistake of attempting outness and failed miserably. Went home and packed and woke up at 6 am to drive back to Greenville.

Why? (Good Question)

Because I had a team building challenge course at 9 am for my adv studio production class.
That's why.

How'd I like it?

I didn't. It was awful.

Have we met?

I don't do outdoors, I don't do physical activity, I don't do outgoing and talking to people I don't know.

However, Luckily I have cancer.

So i was exempt from most activities because they involved swinging from a rope, or climbing a tower which was not going to happen because i can't extend my left arm completely over my head yet...
I'd say damn stitches.
But secretly I was incredibly grateful to have them.
(another time having cancer has come in handy) (yes i'm milking this for all its worth)
(why have cancer if i can't use it to get out of stuff i really don't want to do)

So after this challenge course I drove home because i had a Plastic Surgeon appointment monday morning to begin the expanding process.

So let's discuss this expanding thing...
Don't know about you guys but i was kinda curious as to how the process was going to work...if they poked a needle into the expander wouldn't it kinda maybe leak inside of my boob after removing the needle? Were they going to cut a hole (Another one?!) in me kinda like the drain thing but the reverse?

Well it does involve a needle and syringe (BIGGEST I HAVE EVER SEEN!)
it was huge. i actually slapped a hand across my eyes so i could stop looking at it.
(let's recall my huge needle hangup)

well the nurse holds my hand and then Dr. PS takes this magnet finding thing and runs it over my chest over by my armpit, apparently finds the thing he's looking for (magnet) presses down and the finder puts an indented X on me.
He says "X marks the spot"
I have a small heart attack and squeeze my eyes shut
and before i know it he says its in...and i realize i didn't feel a damn thing.

Apparently there is another small port in front of the magnet that leads to the expander (so no leaks!) and the magnet keeps it from going to far in.

HECK YEAH for modern medical miracles.

Then I spent as much time in Wilmington until my mom forced me to get into my car that night and drive back to greenville. where I had class for three days then hightailed it back to Chapel Hill thursday night to work...Saw MA Bell friday evening, worked the ECU/UNC game with Joe P and Joe I proceeded to do the college student thing drown my losing sorrows in beer, worked Sunday and then Chrissy returned that night...Then the coolest thing EVER!

Monday night Chrissy, Jamie and I went to Cat's Cradle and saw Ingrid Michaelson.
Now most of you won't know who she is.
She sings a few songs from Grey's Anatomy
Her new CD came out recently (and its BADASS)
Ms. Michaelson is hilarious. such a good live show!
and afterwards we totally got to MEET HER. She had her arm around me in our group photo.

Totally the Coolest Thing EVER! (Seriously, it was)

Friday I have a general surgeon check-up and my monthly Oncology appointment with Dr. K and Becca.

ps (PEPPER!)
i <3>