Sunday, January 3, 2010

I have REAL issues but no RESOLUTIONS

So another year is upon us and I'd like to say that with that new year comes a new outlook...
however, I am pretty fond of my current outlook so i see no reason to change it.
As I am frequently told much to my chagrin, I have a wonderful outlook and attitude and am an inspiration to many.
Thank heavens this is mostly by carefree lifestyle has come in handy for once. Meaning, i'm rolling with the punches and trying to keep a smile on my face (for the most part anyway) Because as much as I can't change what has happened to me since August of 2008, I can change how it affects my life. And I'm hoping that it affects it for the better or the positive or for the half is glass full side of things.
I just reread that.
Switch half and glass and the sentence should make much more sense.

I spoke to my friend Misha on the phone last night and he asked if I had made any resolutions for the new off the cuff I named the obvious "graduate from college (finally)" and he pointed out that that would only take until may and that still left over half of the year...So today while I was sitting on the couch eating my aunt Myra's cookies I thought about what I would like to accomplish this year.

Now the fact that I have stage four cancer is not lost on me. I try to treat everyday like the gift that it is. No one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
With that said...Ten Accomplishments I would like to Accomplish Are:

Accomplishment #1 - Don't Die from Cancer
Accomplishment #2 - Don't Die from Anything Cancer Related
Accomplishment #3 - Become Pirate Alumni
Accomplishment #4 - Move out of my parents' house
Accomplishment #5 - Try really hard to not just move in with my Grandma
Accomplishment #6 - Wash my feet every night while at Bonnaroo (the mud buildup last year was heinous)
Accomplishment #7 - Reconnect with a few choice people that really need reconnecting
Accomplishment #8 - Go on a real Spring Break (Girls Gone Wild Style)
Accomplishment #9 - Pursue jobs, especially ones that seem too far out of reach
Accomplishment #10 - Have the most kickass Bachelorette parties for Mary Adelaide and Amy

They all seem very doable. Which I feel will work in my favor.

So, I have two boobs...again.
Surgery number two was on the 21st of December and was a cakewalk compared to the first one. That monday went a little something like this.
I woke up having one of the best hairdays of my life...I hope the anesthesioligist (spelling is wrong) and nurses enjoyed being the ones to see it.
When called back to go into my little curtained cubbie there was a girl is spongebob footie pajamies.
The nurse asked about veins...I said good luck. She said I'll need it. Found one in my hand, used it. I said it hurts. She said they usually do if in the hand. This was accompanied by her smoothing the tape down ontop of the needle digging it further into my hand. PAINFUL. had a bruise for a week.
Plastic Surgeon arrived and drew on me in marker.
Went into surgery.
45 Minutes later was out of surgery back in my cubbie. This time there was a girl crying and screaming in the cubbie next door. I kindly asked if someone would "shut that kid up."
Apparently I asked repeatedly. And not very nicely...whoops.
I then tried to stick my pointer fingers in my ears. Was unable to get finger into left ear due to the clip thing they had on it. So i asked mom or Chrissy to stick their finger in my ear. Apparently Chrissy tried recommending using any of the other fingers on that hand to do the job. I just kept trying to get my pointer finger in there. I then asked for my Dad knowing that he would put his finger in my ear...and when he got there...He did.
That is love. Sticking your finger in your kid's ear.
Anyway, found out the crying kid was the spongebob pj kid...still asked for her to pipe down as i was being wheeled to the car.
In the car, sitting in the backseat wearing my aviators asking for hot chocolate from PCJ and guess what happens. My favorite Christmas song comes on the radio. Mariah Carey...All I Want For Christmas Is You. And obviously I sing along. And obviously my dad records it on his cell phone.
That is also love. Recording your high as a kite kid singing mariah badly.
FALSE....that is not love. That is blackmail.
Anyway, we went home and chrissy and I had the traditional thin crust pepperoni pizza hut pizza and breadsticks before I fell asleep.
The next day dad and I hit up a couple doc appointments and the next day I stopped taking the heavy duty meds because it was making me itchy. Hot flashes plus Itchy do not equal a happy Kim. So the next day mom let me drive to do my christmas shopping. Since in typical Kim fashion I put it off...not thinking about, you know, SURGERY or anything.
But it got done and we had a wonderful Christmas. It should be a crime how blessed I am to have this family. Because they are the cream of the crop, the bee's knees, the best and so on and so forth. (Can't rave for too long...their egos are far too large as it is) But you get it. So yes Christmas was a completely successful endeavor.

I can also say the same for New Years.
Chrissy and I decided to head to Chapel Hill and do our own thing at our favorite bar on Franklin. So with the help of Brad, David and Amy we rang in the new year...then spent the next two days on her couch watching season one of True Blood.

But the holiday is over and Tomorrow I begin another grueling week of serving up the best burgers in wilmington before heading back to Greenville for what is Hopefully my last semester of College!

Hope you all were as Blessed this holiday season as I was.
And I'll let you guys know how taking Tennis goes.