Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm leaving on a Jet Plane

so here it is...Sunday of my departure...and i dont think i can keep all of my excitement to myself! so i thought i'd let a little bit of it trickle down to you bloggie stalkers so that you may share in my delight at leaving the wonderful state of north carolina and venturing off into the great unknown (or relatively me anyway) that is Washington D.C. 

now if you did NOT know that i was going to dc you must have been living under a rock or in a very dark cave because i have talked about it non-stop...before i even had plane tickets i've been talking about it. i love vacations. probably because between two jobs i very rarely get either unless it is for a quick weekend away (probably to Raleigh or Greenville) that involves a specific event taking place that requires my beautiful presence.

well not this time! i am going somewhere just for the heck of it. and it is a TOTAL added bonus that it just so happens to include a few of my BFFs! Plane leaves at Noon! Get Excited!

ok now to the real reason you are probably reading this...a cancer update.

my appointment was on Thursday as most of you know. Had to have some labs drawn first thing aftere i freaking sit down in the chair. slight bruising. slight pain. whatever i'm actually getting used to being a pin cushion. So we see Dr. K and his new resident (rather cute if you ask me) he asks me a few questions and is pleased to hear that my side effects have not been that severe and that i'm tolerating Tamoxifen rather well. He then tells me that i will be the glad recipient of a flu shot this season...(immediately i send him a frown of hatred) and even better i will be receiving it right there this very day in his office. (whoo hoo barf) so nurse comes in and sticks me in my arm. (it hurt.) (and it still hurt the next day). THEN dr. K wants to do a quick physical and asks if its ok the resident watches...basically what is one more person? i really should start asking for dinner or at least drinks beforehand. maybe it would make it less awkward? nahhhh it would still be wierd. 

then we discuss me getting a bone strengthener called Zomeda. apparently after the first time you get it it makes you super sick. so i asked to put it off until next visit since i had to work Friday and was traveling this weekend. a fever and chills do not make for nice traveling companions. too much fiddling with the a.c. and such.

also mom brought along my nurse satan doll that my cousin Christy made for me. everyone in the place thought it was hilarious. but not as hilarious as when my Doctor asked if i was taking my pill everyday and i feigned a surprised expression and nearly sent my mom into a tizzy. resident thought i was funny though. no surprise there. this whole ordeal has definately sharpened my wit. not to say i wasn't funny before. or maybe i'm not as funny but everyone laughs when i make a joke because i have cancer. nahhhhh i really am this funny.

Got another haircut. I now have bangs.

So me and my awesome bangs are heading out in a few hours and in four hours i will be hugging the heck out of alli bottoms at the airport. whoo hoo! DC here i come!


Hannah Banana said...

I had a dream about how awesome your hair is. I hope you have the best time in DC with great hair. :-)

I also bought some BIG SEXY HAIR at Costco and I need you to show me how to use it... like I showed you how to straighten hair. xoxo

Alli Bottoms said...

I'M FAMOUS! and you're HERE! with ME! Well I'm at work, but I will see you in 2 hours!! and we're going to go SHOPPING! In GEORGETOWN!

wow. I must be bored.