Wednesday, October 1, 2008

i'm going on a picnic and bringing apples

do you remember that game...where each player adds something to the list that starts with the next letter of the alphabet...but the catch is that on your turn before you add something you have to recite the whole list...which by the end of the game can be pretty difficult.

(we played this game once on the way back from Duke for a AKPsi mixer)

anyway...the point is...i am not going on a picnic but i AM going to washington d.c.

and i'm going to bring a lot of things. i dont pack lightly (too many shoes).

but i'm more concerned about what i'm going to do when i get there...

so let the suggestions begin. i am open. and i am touristy!

so. stacy hannah's going away shindig was sad (for me).

also. i would like to take a moment to say some words of encouragement to my best friend Chrissy... you are going to kick some LSAT butt. and then you are going to get into Carolina's law program and become a rich attorney. and i will be your housesitter for your beach house. i love you.

ok done.

tonight there was a beautiful sunset by the way...hope you guys saw it.


Gina said...

as soon as i read the title to this blog i got reaaallly excited because i immediately thought of that night of the mixer.


i miss and love you!

Stacy B said...

Georgetown!!! You gotta go there. That was my favorite part! Lots of food and shops.

Hannah Banana said...

I second Georgetown-- mainly cause Maxwell is there!

Then you should do the Spy Museum...lots of fun.

Then you should do the Art Museum...lots of fun.

Then you should do well... all of the monuments...

Then you should sit right outside of the White House at a coffee shop and have an iced coffee. :-)

Then call Max for this place up in the heart of Georgetown that has these phenomenal subcheeseburger--its like the most amazing thing...

Next to shopping on M Street and eating at the Tombs-- (which is where everyone goes to get their forehead stamped when they turn 21)... Max will be there in a few short months!

Max said he would send you an even more ultimate list later :-) YAY.

Heart you.

Alli B said...

I wish I had already done more tourist-y stuff since I've been here, but I haven't. But now I get to do them with you!!! I work right near the white house so that's easy, and we'll go to the Newseum for FREE! can't wait love!

chels said...

you should call james ryder because he lives there now and would most def take you on lots of touristy things! he lives 10 blocks from the capitol building. yell at me if you would like his number! i hope you have tons of fun!