Tuesday, September 30, 2008

keyboard replacement equals frequent bloggies

i blame my two updates in a row on my dad finally hooking up the new keyboard (wireless...snazzy i know) i wanted to test it out...see if it was as noisy and clickity clackity as the last one...

it is not.
it is quite silent. which is a nice.

First of all i have to say this:

this is the first year since probably 10th grade that i have not been with at least one of them to celebrate the glorious day of their births 2 years apart. i miss you guys and love you an obscene amount. (ps had dinner at your house tonight...made me miss you both even more)

Next i wanted to say:
today was a good day.

the ONLY thing raining on my little parade is the Stacy Hannah Relocation Project of 2008.
she is leaving me :(
but i do know this.........she can do anything she puts her mind to. she will grab DC by the tail and swing it overhead shouting war chants in mere months. maybe weeks even. i know she hasn't heard it from many people but...

i believe in you.

just like you believe in me.

that is just what best friends do.


Christine said...

Okay I must be getting soft in my old age because this post brought tears to my eyes. Kim, you seriously have some good friends. (I mean, I'm one of them!) Happy Birthday girls- miss you! Stacy Hannah- you're amazing and I love you!!


I believe in Stacy Hannah too!!!

Happy Birthday MA and Taylor!!

Kim- I enjoyed unloading last night on your the misery that will be my place setting this weekend. xoxo.

CANT WAIT TO SEE YOU THE NEXT WEEKEND!! xoxo. Also, glad to see many more posts...

mallory said...

im pretty sure that my favorite part of this post is that you refer to it as "bloggies"... sooo kim sibbach-ish. just a week from thursday and i'll be back in wilmington- we need MUCH more pts time :)