Thursday, September 11, 2008

fingers crossed groggy style

this will probably be a short post bc i'm meeting my daddy (i.e. the biological one) for breakfast before work...however i wanted to update everyone as to how my day yesterday went.

first of all know this: it was not what i expected. not in a good or bad way.

so first of all Kathy Viveona went with Mom and me to cape fear for this biopsy of my right rib and I love her bunches!

we get there, sign in, then since the main waiting room was full we went and hung out in the kiddie one where i snagged a quick snooze on a beanbag that looked like a beach ball. when we were called we crossed the hall into the CT/MRI department with a very nice nurse named Laure. (her only downfall was an overly happy demeanor. other than that she was awesome!) she accessed my port (YAY for being stuck in the chest!) (i LOVE my port!) took some blood, then we had to wait an hour for the blood work to come back...during which we hung out in our little room with its tiny tv and watched the movie Bambi (classic) while waiting. finally i was able to head to the ct room.

this was the first test i was able to lay on my stomach for so i was in heavennnnnnn...also they informed me that since i have many aversions to pain and needles they would be putting me in lala land (yay!) then the technician kept asking me my name and my birthday (this is done so they know they have the correct person...however how many people with my last name are out there milling about at the age of 23 with cancer? hmm?? yeah exactly i'll willing to bet just one. and that would be ME. so somewhere in there the procedure begins...they stick the needle in my back where the place on my rib is out and grab a sample for testing (find out results tomorrow) all i really remember is being asked to take two deep breaths. and being wheeled into recovery and asking for the crackers that my M.I.A mother had. had to hang out in that room until a quarter to three (for some reason i thought this process would only take an hour and a half at most...everytime i think that i am veryyyy wrong...this was closer to 5...but i did get to watch bambi, thumper, and flower get twitterpated)
i digress

we went to get me some trolley stop but for the love of all that is good i inconveniently got nauseous and could not finish my surfer dogs...then i came home and slumbered on and off until i finally made it upstairs to bed around 1:30 in my super groggy state

however i did catch america's next top model and 90210 (yippee)

so fingers crossed that i do NOT have bone cancer.

also i may be getting a puppy. i'll keep you updated on this matter as well!

thanks some more for all the cards and prayers!


Jennifer W. Meyers said...

A puppy! Ohhh! I'm so jealous!!!
My fingers and Abbey and Toby's paws are all crossed for good news.

J.Lee Photography said...

Bob will pay you to take Channing! haha

Stacy B said...

A puppy!! More info needed ASAP... What kind?? Mr. Beau Jangles twin?!?!?! I WOULD LOVE THAT... haha

Hannah Swizzle Proctor said...

AWW. a Mr. BeauJangles twin... p.s. he is depressed and probably needs to see you. My mom says he won't come out from under the couch... EVER.

What kind of puppy are you potentially getting!? I have a whole new set of things to shop for!

Anyways, love you!