Friday, September 5, 2008

i love my job.

so yesterday (thursday) i was finally able to get out of bed and put on one of my pts tshirts, yoga pants (for better tips) and my ugly crocs and head to my home away from home on 17th street.
since all this cancer mess began it has been the one place i have not been able to go as often as i wanted due to appointments scheduled in the middle of the afternoon.
(pts shifts are 11-3 so a 2 oclock appointment does not allow me to work!)
i walked in the back door with a flourish shouting that i was back...and much to my delight most of my favorites were working...such as Joe P, SH, and timmy, etc.
so we open and my front is all stocked and stacy hannah and i are gossiping like old times
and to make what could be a long boring story about how slow work was shorter and more exciting...
regulars came in! and i got to get drinks, mark tickets, call out orders and boss people around!
it was heavenly.

today it was busy despite the dreaded tropical storm and i got to boss around people even more!
and there were more regulars! and life finally feels like its sort of back to normal. because normal is me running the front of the PTs on 17th street, and being bossy, and joking with Joe and being creepy with Tim, hugging stacy hannah and chatting with my customers. Wonderful! Glorious!
i feel like i dont have cancer.

and there are no words to express how lucky i am to have a workplace like this one. with a boss who knows what i need when i need it. and since right now its jokes...i am bombarded with terrible cancer jokes and even more terrible boob jokes...but i love it. and i love him.
and my pts family...(customers included) bc they have been nothing but supportive.

so i found out that i there is a possibility that i might have bone cancer. which really doesn't have the shock value it should have. probably bc i already have cancer. and really? what's one more thing? come on man...sock it to me! i'd rather have them all at one time any way. it would really only mean different drugs in my chemo cocktail (i love cocktails)
on the other may not be cancer which would be pretty sweet. i dont really NEED more cancer i feel like i've already got plenty in my boob. but honestly i have no control over these things. so i've been talking to the big guy upstairs (God) and letting him know i'm ok with it either way. bc really he wouldn't give me anything bigger than i can handle (which i think is pretty nice of him)


Jennifer W. Meyers said...

I'm glad you got to go back to your wonderful job and see your regulars and feel normal. You deserve some normal after the last two weeks. So soak it up! It kinda sucks about the bone cancer possibility. But, if it's just a matter of a different chemo cocktail, so be it! You've never met a cocktail you didn't like, right? :) I love you! Enjoy the rain storm.

Kate Lord said...

kim, i love you! you rock my face-- and i'm stoked you finally got back to pts- i'm sure the place wasn't the same without you :)

Travelin Sisters said...

Kim, I'm so glad you have gotten to go back and work a few shifts at PT's. Nothing is better than being in that place when you are down and out. I love you and am praying for you. Stay strong. I will see you soon. Miss and love you. Alison

J.Lee Photography said...

oh man, I want PTs so bad right now, I can't handle it! I may come into town on Friday. If I do and you're not working, I may have to scoop you up and run to PTs for a frie fix.

love you snuggle muffin.

Stacy B said...

you know... if PT's made you feel that good... imagine what some 519 action could do? A little crazy bitch song and dance??!!?!?

Alli B said...