Friday, October 31, 2008

i LOVE vacations! Let's Go on Another One.

Ok so my one and only post from D.C. left off with me heading to bed on monday. So I shall start with Tuesday morning. I arose with quite a purpose...i was going to the smithsonian and i was going to pack in as much of it as possible. I got off the metro and walked to the far side of the national my left was the Washington Monument and to my right was the capitol building and the couple of museums i wanted to go i Took a Right...immediately i was taking the middle of the sidewalk...stopping the flow of traffic just because i wanted a picture of a tree or something. I hit up the museum of Art (including the modern art building), chatted up every old security guard, did a few laps, hit the highlights, then continued on my trek towards the Capitol Building.

Once standing in front of it, i took some photos, turned 180 degrees to what was behind me and saw the most incredible view of is incredible what Man can create when they put forth the effort. it was breathtaking. and made me feel very small and almost obsolete.

So i took a Right (again) and walked back up the other side of the National Mall...More photo ops, another museum (Air and Space) then kept walking up past the washington monument to what lay beyond (a big field. with lots of grass) but its ok. i was totally jamming to my ipod the whole time. The most awkward was jamming to weezer's pinkerton album while snapping intense photos of the WWII memorial. Time for some reverence. So i got rid of the tunes until the walk to meet alli. That night we took a moonlight monument tour. So freaking awesome!!!!!!!! it was so COLD (brisk winds my friends), Alli was in a dress, and I thought i was dying from walking so much in one day, so we kind of cheated and spent more time on the trolley than perusing the memorials. however we did go take a peek at lincoln in his nighttime glory (breathtaking). We went home and immediately fell asleep.

Wednesday i took a breather, i knew we were going out that night so i decided to just hang around the house all day (it was a good me). We went out that night. Had some drinks at some bar near Dupont Circle. Shananigans insued.

Thursday i wasn't feeling well (see above paragraph) so i had another chill day until it was time to meet Jud (a friend from High School) in the city for dinner. I had the best smore on the planet. i am forever ruined for campfires. (again, Thanks Jud!)

Friday i woke up early so i could head to the Iwo Jima memorial...which was outstanding...i can't describe it to was by far my favorite memorial...took a TON of pictures while simultaneously angering the film crew that was also there trying to get footage...oh well :)

Alli and I had lunch at some italian place that was delicious then headed to the Holocaust Museum...terrifyingly real and surreal at the same time. so many shoes! i can't get past the number of shoes taken from innocent people...

That night Sarah P and Heather came down for the night, Had breakfast the next morning, napped all day because of the rainy was so good to see them! (but i'll see them again in a week...YAY homecoming!)

Saturday Night i went with the girls to their Kickball league party. Ridiculous. Completely Ridiculous. those are the only words i have. That and beer.

Almost missed my flight sunday due to some last minute circumstances. Flew back and Spent the afternoon (and night) with BFF mary adelaide! YAY!

Had to be at work monday afternoon (BOO) terrible i know. so that was the end of my vacation...i returned to work to find things exactly the same. but it was wonderful to be back at PTs on tuesday!

No, i have no halloween plans. I am working ALL day sat and sun. then the coutdown begins for Homecoming Weekend! i am so ecstatic! all of my ECU/AKPsi bffs all in one place!!!!!!!!!! whoo hoo....its going to be a great weekend!

Also, i just wanted to let you guys know that my tumor has already started shrinking according to my lap work...which is terrific news! so keep praying and other such positive things because its totally working!


hannah banana said...

you call those "last minute circumstances" ... that is cute.

i have never heard you call it that before. haha.

yay. see you in a few days!!

Alli Bottoms said...

I can't believe you packed that all into one post, much less a pretty short one. well done my friend. i'm sure other people wouldn't find all those crazy details as entertaining as we did.

you and your shenanigans and circumstances...hopefully there will be more this weekend! ARRRGGHHHH xoxox

Alli B said...

you suck at updating!!!! i need to know all about your life when you're not here in dc! hah, see you tonight!!