Tuesday, October 7, 2008

bloggie stalkers

i have just now coined a new term for those of you who call, text, or facebook message me asking for me to update my blog.

i would have updated more recently but honestly not a darn thing has been happening.

i get up at 7 with Saylor, go to work at 11, go to job numero dos at 330 then sleep. i am lame.

oh and at 730 pm i take my pill. YAY.

since we last spoke a few minor things of extreme importance have happened.

Stacy Hannah has officially relocated (however she is coming back to wilm to visit tomorrow YAY no seriously double YAY!)

Christine has taken the LSAT and kicked its butt.

Hannah, Amy, their boys and Steven are coming to visit this weekend!!!!!! i am so excited i haven't seen them since Hannah's wedding (minus hannah, i saw her immediately after my diagnosis bc she is so freaking awesome) ...two full days of them! now if only i knew how to entertain them, apparently steven wants to kayak surf...hmmm.

As days pass i am getting more and more excited about my D.C. trip. i even spent sunday evening in my edit bay watching Dane Cook's a vicious circle to brush up in preparation of being in Alli Bottoms presence (its DC!!) haha what a pun.
anyway and i discovered that Stacy Hannah should also be in the area along with Joey I at the same time i am! that makes me incredibly happy!

i've been staying pretty upbeat for those that are wondering about my mental state.
(had a rough day yesterday...but i took a nap and was much better)
as i was telling someone at the tv station today its been nice being on this pill so i can maintain my sense of normality. (or possibly keep myself in denial longer...whatever you want to call it) i'm taking whatever keeps me feeling the most positive and running with it.

this past weekend to celebrate Chrissy's release from studying we went downtown with Drew and Jamie and some of their friends from raleigh whom i did not know...can i tell you how awesome it was to be out with people who had no idea that i had cancer. bc i dont know if you have noticed but october is Breast Cancer Awareness month...and it seems like everyday there is something somewhere about breast cancer. today it was on the news...yesterday it was on the news...the story yesterday opened with the line that "breast cancer is no laughing matter" whoops i did NOT get that memo...that was not part of what Dr. K told me...silly me laughing my way through this entire ordeal....(ok, to be honest i have had a few hellacious days where i was crying or biting people's (i.e. nurses) heads off) and that is quite the opposite of laughing. i'll give them that. but regardless i have even discovered that when i'm telling someone i kind of laugh. i dont know if it's out of nerves (bc who likes bearing bad news?) or to lighten the mood of the moment (bc again, bad news is a DOWNER) but i do...i almost giggle, probably to keep the other person from bursting into tears and leaving ME to handle the incredibly awkward moment.

because even before cancer i did not do well with bad news. giving it or receiving it. i supposed when it comes to that sort of thing i am a pretty private person. i try not to do a lot of crying in front of other people. its not good for my reputation. (unless apparently its over a haircut...)

for someone with nothing to say i've certainly made this blog last a while.

oh and ps keep sending cards! i'm beating everyone else in the mail department and i'd like to keep it that way :) thanks for everything!


stacy b said...

yay!!! an update... i didn't think i could wait much longer! haha

Hannah Banana said...

ditto. I am glad I could help you coin the term :-)

see you this weekend!

Alli Bottoms said...

IT'S DC!!!!!!!! youuuu dude. YOU.

Christine said...

i am SO jealous of your dc trip. and just starting to realize that you're LEAVING me alone in wilmy! how long will this last??