Monday, October 13, 2008

Do Not Wear Thongs

So Thursday Morning i headed over to Dr. K's office (was there promptly at 8 like Marie requested) to pick up a form i needed to get my x-rays done at Delaney. Not knowing how long this would take i decided to dress comfy especially since i was going to head straight to pts afterwards. to me comfy means my yoga pants. so i'm taking back into the x-ray room and the guy (maybe a couple of years older than me) hands me a gown. and says...

"opening to the back"

i think "ut oh"

because being the fashion forward person that i am, i detest VPL. (visible panty line...look it up its a real thing!) and my yoga pants are tight. so on this particular morning i was wearing a thong. Any other day i would not have been bothered but really...this guy is my age and that is just AWKWARD!

so i tie up the gown EXTRA tight and tell myself that the x-rays will only take a few minutes and i'll be on my back for the whole time so no big deal...

i was wrong. the first time he asked me to lay on my side my butt was facing away from him. and approximately 2 seconds later i start to fear that the draft i'm feeling is not my imagination...but thankfully my butt wasn't in his face.

until 2 minutes later when he wants me to lay on the other side! now. do i just do it and hope for the best? do i keep a firm grip on the gown regardless? what?!?

i decide not to take any chances and keep a firm hand on the opening holding it shut...he helpfully adds "hey you're covered"

and i want to say "um hey i'm in a thong. no i am not."

that is the last time i wear a thong when there is a chance of gown-age.

Then i went to work a couple hours early, picked up breakfast with Joey I, worked, had Sushi with Chrissy, Stacy Hannah, and Sam then went out for a beer with SH to discuss our lives since we had been separated (for DAYS!) Friday i worked. Friday Night SH came over and i continued with my big cleaning/cleansing project. Found pictures from High School (i have more than a few flattering ones of one particular Jessica), was able to piece together the beginnings of my friendship with Chrissy and Mary Adelaide, relieved a few hungover mornings at Hannah's apt in Pirate's Cove freshmen year, ohhhhh the good old days.

speaking of hannah and her apartment.

Hannah, Eric, Amy, Mark and Steven drove down saturday around lunch to see me!
(yes i know, it was rainy and windy and not at all the day i had planned :( oh well)

I miss them already!! pancakes were delicious Amy!

at this time next week i will be in D.C. with Alli Bottoms!!!!!!!!!!!! excitement is mounting!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh Kim, you are hillarious!!!!! I cannot stop laughing right now. You know what, be proud that you can have cancer and fashion sense all at the same time...I'm so proud!

Hannah Banana said...

Just to let you know- I was cleaning out a box last night--- and a huge bag of pictures fell out--- THE SAME PICTURES that you referenced this weekend!! Thomas, Ross, Phil, the apartment, pink sheets, pizza hanging out of mouth, a permanent-- me straightening your hair for the first time!!! OH THE GOOD DAYS!! YAY. It is so funny that I found the same pictures that you were just talking about.... I am so sending you some of them though.

J. Haas said...

if you wanna talk about flattering pictures I can help you out...

J. Haas said...
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Anonymous said...

OK so I am positive that this dosen't make you feel any better about having your goods exposed, but think of this. As xray techs we get barfed on, get pooped on, get bloody, and see 80 plus year old asses and other body parts that shouldn't be exposed at that age. So in all honestey a rare, not stinky 23 year old butt pretty much makes our day! SO believe you me I can almost promise you that he was not so much uncomfortable but excitied at the prospect of not having a 400lb patient to lug onto the exam table! Much love.
Amy Capps