Saturday, November 22, 2008

good news comes in small packages

i received a gift in the mail a few days ago that seriously brightened my day. inside of a small square cardboard box was a bracelet similar to the livestrong one except for neon lime green. it simply read

Cuck Fancer.

now to demonstrate how pure and innocent my family really is i had to explain what that REALLY meant to my grandmother, aunt myra and my mother. (here is where i insert that i hope you guys get the joke too...i would explain but my preacher is probably reading this) we all had a good chuckle as i opened the card that was on the i'd like to say a quick thank you to James, Meredith, Will and Grace for the funniest gift that actually had the best message.

bc honestly i want to shout that phrase (in its correct form of course) all the time.

So i know i'm a week late with updating you guys on what happened at my doctors appointment last friday. not yesterday. but the one before that.

Met Mom for lunch at PTs since its her new friday lunch spot (i think she goes there so she can see me.) then we drove the 7 seconds to Dr. K's office...we were promptly summoned so they could stab me in the hand for three vials of my blood. i didn't cry. which is good. i'm getting better i think. Then we met with Becca, my PA, who did a quick check up. then it was off to the chemo room to get my Zomeda.

Zomeda is a bone strengthening drug. I'll be getting it once a month for who knows how long...but it takes 15 minutes to drip drop into my system via getting jabbed in the chest. (i actually do not mind the chest jabbing. i LOVE and ADORE and THANK GOD for my port) the only downfall to this Zomeda business is that it makes you sick the first time it is administered. which i thought it was pretty awesome that they let you know that up front...for example the last time they wanted to give it to me the day before i left for DC....not cool i said. so in true procrastinator fashion i put it off until this month. and without thinking scheduled myself at work at 8 am on saturday morning.

soon after it was finished entering into my bloodstream by way of port 'o happiness i felt i hightailed it home where soon i was getting some headache like symptoms.
which includes your head feeling like something is squashing it into a pancake. took some meds then slept all freaking evening (great way to catch up on zzzzzz's since i was just getting over a gnarly cold) the next morning i woke up thinking

yay no more sickness

i was wrong. 30 minutes into being at work i felt as if all of my body parts had been used as drumsticks at a rock show then placed back where they came from all bruise-y and throb-y. which is unpleasant to say the least. talk about your flu-like symptoms...i was tired, everything hurt (from fingernails to ankles) and i had to work an intensely long day. thankfully God was smiling down upon me and it wasn't too terribly busy. and Dustin let me leave WECT early too. which was freaking awesome.

The last time i had an appointment i had my lab results back the following monday...So monday afternoon i started calling mom in case they had called her since i am sort of impossible to reach. Same goes for tuesday...(by that afternoon i was on pins and needles. i am verrrrry impatient) wednesday morning at 830 am (on my one day to sleep in mind you) the nurse finally called with the results of my lab work...drumroll please.

it got smaller. again. which freaking ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

it went from a 74 to a 59 which means the last results weren't a fluke. the tumor really is getting smaller and at a pretty fast rate too which is even better. so keep saying prayers and thinking good thoughts because they really are working. for serious! high fives all around! whoo hoo! i'll toast to that (well i'll toast to anything) but i'll really toast to my cancer disappearing!

so yeah, life is good. things with me are good. super jazzed about the holidays.

OH and i am SOOOO glad that i got to see everyone at Homecoming. Sunday as everyone was starting to separate and head to their respective cars to head back to whatever place they came from i totally pulled a girl move and got a little weepy. ok a lot weepy. but i LOVE those girls and i wish i could convince all of them to move here. (it comes with a beach and your very own Kim to love!) so to be a little sentimental thank you to Stephanie Larson for letting me read on your couch, Amy Fransen for letting me sleep on your couch and calling you super early for a ride, Alli & Emily Bottoms for sending me into hysterics of the laughing sort, Sarah Polli for suggesting lunch sunday, Mel P for standing with me in the corner at the party, LK Pruitt for knowing how i feel, and of course Hannah Swicegood Proctor for being the best best friend on the planet and suggesting the plastic wine glasses and having a husband who bought us matching coozies. i love ALL of you a crazy ridiculous amount.

and it was wonderful to see all of my AKPsi lovies. especially micheal (for saying that he missed me), eric anthony for coming from iowa and my great grand little for carrying on tradition :)

so i'll keep you guys posted...i'm sure the thanksgiving holiday should be one for the record books and it also helps that all of my crazy family will be in one place which usually adds up to a load of laughs. because lets be honest. we're funny people.


Stephanie Larson said...

Awwww! Just when I was about to tease you about not writing in so long, I look and there's a new story! yay for shrinking tumor!! And of course you can read on my couch anytime Favorite! :-D Love you bunches!!!

J. Haas said...

Its not the drugs shrinking that silly tumor its your attitude. Keep up the good work little lady!

Hannah Banana!! said...

YAY!!!! I'm so freaking happy. 98% about the tumor shrinking 1% about the plastic wine glasses and 1% about eric getting us cute koozies!

YAY!P.S. can you come visit soon?

Also, just FYI, I haven't sent any super cute cards lately....b/c I haven't seen any as cute as you...I keep putting them back down...they aren't worthy. Just thought you should know....I haven't forgotten about the snail mail system!

Alli Bottoms said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!



Kate Lord said...

my life is much more boring without you. SO STOKED ABOUT THE TUMOR SHRINKING! you are amazing and i am sending you a big internet HUG!