Friday, January 9, 2009

i am always hot

So before you guys become toooo upset i will apologize for my lack of blogging (i completely missed the month of december) I've been working an intense amount of hours and sleeping when i'm not at work. Quick recap...
Thanksgiving was good.
Christmas was even better.

i am officially in love with my family.
Christmas dinner we opened presents in the dark because the power was out.
But in traditional Miller style we made the most of it

Quick interlude: currently watching 27 dresses. its currently my favorite scene where they're singing bennie and the jets. so i'm currently laughing a lot.

ok back to christmas and yes the recap conclusion is...I had a wonderful Holiday Season.

Ok for the real reason that you are here. to catch up on my cancer.

My December appointment led off with a rookie nurse doing my lab work (she actually hit the vein on try number one which was awesommme) Then while meeting with Dr. K found out that i am a poor processor of Tamoxifen so my body wasn't able to get the full benefits of the medicine which was why there was no real physical change in the tumor. So Dr. K decided he wanted to put me on the Lupron shot which essentially turns off my ovaries and sends me into menopause. It also gives me gnarly mood swings, terrible hot flashes and no menstrual cycles (yes i just used the term menstrual cycles from the stepping stones class in middle school) figured technical term would be less embarrassing...turns out its embarrassing regardless.

moving right along. since getting the shot I've been pretty unpleasant at times and i am always hot then freezing seconds wect my coat goes on and off again dozens of times in the span of one news cast. its terribly inconvenient at the restaurant when i'm running in circles and can only take off so much clothing. the worst though is when i'm sleeping it feels like i'm waking up in the midst of a forest of flames. Sounds awesome...i know!

A second ago i was going through some pictures on facebook. And not even realizing it i started categorizing them as Pre- Cancer and During Cancer. August 20th 2008 such a defining moment. Before cancer i was heading back to school with my long flowing golden locks. Now i'm meeting with my oncologist every 4 weeks, in menopause, with kickass bangs, more sweatpants than a person really needs, taking naps at every and any opportunity and working a ridiculous amount of hours for someone with cancer.

I keep hearing that i'm an inspiration.

You know what i find inspiring?
all the people who put up with me. on a daily basis. it cannot be easy, or pleasant.
and all the people who have found the time to send good thoughts or prayers my way.
with so much more important things happening in the world today. i feel as though me and my boob cancer should be grateful that so many people are thinking of us. well you know...thinking of me. not necessarily thinking of my boob. or my cancer. oh geez you know what i mean.

I have another doc appointment tomorrow (well since its one in the morning technically today) i have my monthly check up so i promise to update sooner rather than later.



i heart you and your little inspirational self. andddd t minus 6 days until i see you!

Mary Adelaide said...

I think about your boobs all the time. Really, it's one of my top 5 favorite activities.

Will you come visit soon?

Stephanie Larson said...

I misssss you!! I'm glad your holidays went well!! Love you!!

Alli B. said...


I love ya, and I'm trying so hard to come down there soon...but if you happen to come up here first, I will NOT complain....I have so much to catch you up on...and who DOESN'T think about your boobs? ;o)
Keep being awesome, and inspirational, and HOT! figuratively of course

Sofie Hosford said...

Hi Kim,
I talked to your mom about your situation a few months ago. I know your mom because I'm an attorney in Wilmington; I am 39 and a 2 year breast cancer "survivor" whatever that means. I was recently diagnosed with mets to the bone... just like you. No other mets though. Would love to talk to you either online or via the telephone. I'm working on setting up a blog here as well that will be It's being "spam reviewed". It will contain all the sordid details of the hell I've been through since August 2007.

Anyway, e-mail me if you want at or call 470-8333 if you feel like chatting about our common issue. I know you're much younger than I am but otherwise we're in the same boat. I have a group of friends that are also survivors (that are all finished with treatment) and we get together for lunch/dinner about once a month. Would love to invite you next time. None of them are stage IV though and I'd (selfishly) like you to join us just so that I can have someone present going through the same thing as me... I hope you'll contact me. Take care and keep the faith!

Sofie Hosford