Monday, August 25, 2008

a diagnosis

so it begins...lets do a wierd dissolve back to wednesday.
well prior to wednesday...i felt something...knew something was a bit off.

on Wednesday (now known as C-day) i had my yearly exam...had her check the boob situation out. she was concerned. sent me to a girly surgeon.
this surgeon also checked out the situation. decided to do an ultrasound.
it had black spots (not good). she then proceeds to inform me (while i'm still half naked) that there is a pretty sweetlife chance that i have cancer....there were some tears...ok that's a lie...there were a lot of tears...and an overwhelming need to speak to my mother.
i mean seriously. i am only 23. this just doesn't happen.
i hadn't mentioned any of this to my mother. so my phone call to tell her my news was a bit of a surprise. or better yet was a completely new way to turn our lives upside down.
there was a biopsy (which hurts and the needle makes the most bizarre popping sound)
and that was it for the day...other than telling the most important people in my life that i was now rocking out with cancer. in my left breast. Grade 2. kind of serious.

Friday i met with the oncologist and the radiation oncologist.
good news...i will be cured (eventually) this type of tumor responds well to most treatments. which i guess explains why i will be getting MOST treatments. some chemo, a surgery, radiation.
more on those as the time comes

The weekend was spent with some of my best friends. Thanks to them i got some normal before all of this madness really begins. oh and thanks to Kenny Chesney. those sad country songs while intoxicated are really a killer.

Monday i had my chemo teaching basically i'll lose my hair, have no appetite, and am required to drink a ridiculous amount of fluids. Great. luckily i like water. and what girl wouldn't love the opportunity to get back to the size she was before the freshmen five hundred...i would just rather not have to barf my way there...


Mary Adelaide said...

I think we just got the beginning of your book...

I'm glad you're so f'ing funny.

BonnieNClydette4EVA said...

You are going to be beautiful the entire time time- DUH. I am proud of you for being super strong! The good thing about being 23 is that you are young and have a great immune system plus a great support system...most older people don't have tons of friends like you... WELL- most people don't have tons of friends like you ANYWAY! (Accept for maybe Juanita--but she doesn't count!) LOVE YOU KIM!! BE THERE IN A FEW DAYS!


Jennifer W. Meyers said...

Okay. Is anyone going to say it or is everyone just leaving it to the grammar nazi? It's spelled WEIRD not wierd! :) MA, I get to be the editor of that first book! But really, loved your first blog on MyLeftOne - great name. As Christina Applegate has been quoted as saying since her double mastectomy at age 36, "I'm going to have the best boobs in the nursing home. I'm going to have cute boobs till I'm 90."

Stacy said...

I am glad that Kim took all those classes in media writing. Those film stories she would stay up till 3am creating really paid off!

I guess I will stock up on cases of Deer Park mini bottles - add to list of gift ideas.

I love you and miss you!!!


Leah said...


You, my friend, are such a great writer. Once your wildly successful book comes out, please stop at New York on your book tour!

You're in my thoughts.


Wilmy girls said...

Finally, the long awaited memoir has begun! I had so much fun this weekend-especially the group karaoke session at the Kenny Chesney concert. wow. Think of it this way, you now have something in common with some very cool celebrities-Cynthia Nixon, Christina Applegate, Olivia Newton John, Cokie Roberts....the list goes on.

I love you!