Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a hellacious concoction

Today is my CT scan.

if you ever have to get one you have to drink two bottles of the most disgusting sludge on the planet. however the nurse will give you options....vanilla, apple and berry.
nurse satan helpfully added that berry was the most popular so i went with what seemed to be the tried and true.

it is gross.

dont fall for it.


there is no way this is the most popular. its horrific. terrible. and other synonyms.
however i'm halfway through bottle two. appointment is at 145. then its time for a nap since my phone started vibing at me at 728 this morning....and did not stop until it was sure i was out of bed. thanks a lot PHONE!

1 comment:

Jennifer W. Meyers said...

Note to self: No berry concoctions. I would have gone with apple. Sometimes you just got to go against the flow, yo! :) Praying for good news.